Satellite Projects

The TwinLife team is always happy about the interest in this fascinating project! This is the reason why we would like to introduce you to the satellite projects which emerged in cooperation with us.


What is a satellite project?

A satellite project enables other scientists to collect quantitative and qualitative data of anchor persons by using data of the TwinLife study. Several (funding) sponsors and project managers are responsible for this.

The aim of this association of satellite projects and TwinLife is to create networks and further opportunities for the application of the research.


Current satellite projects

  • K2ID

    K2ID is the first TwinLife satellite project and stands for "Kinder und Kitas in Deutschland" (children and daycare in Germany) which is an extension of the project "Early childhood education and care quality in the Socio-Economic Panel" (K2ID-SOEP). If you want to find out more about this great project, please visit the project’s homepage right here.


You are also interested in a satellite project with TwinLife? Let us know by sending us an email with your research idea!