The development of twins

The experience of expecting and parenting twins is associated with many challenges for parents and families, for which they can often not rely on experiences from their environment. Compared to singleton pregnancy, medical and health care services and questions related to the socio-emotional and educational development are of special importance. This includes that the development of a unique personality is influenced by the presence of a same-aged sibling. Also, parents are often confronted with twins’ different performances in school or in language development and those differences are perceived as more pronounced than in normal sibling pairs. Finally, the parents themselves often face a double physical and mental pressure.

The task of the pediatrician should therefore not only cover the twins’ medical care. They can also provide targeted advice for reducing parental stress and help with critical decisions, for example with regard to school enrollment. In this respect, it is also important for the pediatrician to evaluate the development and competences of the twins not in relation to each other but rather compared to their peers.

Here you can view a preview of the article (German). You can read the complete article in the journal "Pädiatrische Praxis, Ausgabe 83 2014/2015", or you can request it from us.