• Workshop concerning on the use of the TwinLife data at Saarland University on April 3rd, 2017

    As part of this workshop, content and design as well as handling of the data which is publicly available were discussed with the participants. Moreover, there was an introduction into behavior genetics. In consideration of the previously inquired main interests of the present scientists, possible ways to handle the data were discussed and other possibilities were shown.


  • TwinLife first data workshop  at DIW Berlin on June 21st, 2016

    On June, 21st the first TwinLife data workshop took place at the DIW Berlin. Lectures were accompanied by tutorials and hands-on sessions.The software used in the workshop was Stata and SPSS. 

    Within the first half of the workshop we provided an overview about the scope and the study design of TwinLife. Afterwards, data of the first wave were presented as well as the access to the data for the scientific community. Moreover, workshop comprised a hands-on introduction into the basic concepts of genetically sensitive research and behavior genetics by means of selected examples of how behavior genetic research can be used in an interdisciplinary context. Applying practical exercises, specific models were introduced, implemented and discussed employing the data of the first wave of TwinLife to give participants the opportunity to get in touch with the data set.

  • Second Scientific Advisory Board Meeting in December 2015
    In December 2015, our second Scientific Advisory Board Meeting took place in Berlin. The TwinLife team came together with local and international scientists from various disciplines. The meeting was interesting and stimulative for the whole TwinLife project.



19th - 22nd of October 2015

ZiF-research group conference
Opening Conference: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Genetic and Social Causes of Life Chances
Administration: Martin Diewald (Bielefeld, GER), Rainer Riemann (Bielefeld, GER)


  • First Scientific Advisory Board Meeting in January 2014
    In January 2014, the TwinLife team hosted their first Scientific Advisory Board Meeting in Eltville/Rhine with local and international scientists from various disciplines. It has been an interesting and productive meeting with a lot of positive feedback afterwards towards the whole TwinLife project. 


           TwinLife team at Scientific Advisory Board Meeting 2014


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