Bereitstellung der Daten


Appropriation of the data for the reserach

Since October 2016, the data of the first household interview of the whole sample (4,097 twin families) are available as Scientific Use File (SUF). For scientists they are available for free (after application) at the data catalogue of GESIS.

You will find further information about the application and the content of the SUF under this link:
Do you have any questions about the application of the data? Please contact: 
Please send (postal, email, fax) filled and signed data application form to:
GESIS - Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften
Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8
50667 Köln
Fax: ++49-221-47694-8420
You will find a detailed online documentation of the TwinLife data under: 

Further documentations of the TwinLife data right on our homepage under Documentations!

Further documentation about the TwinLife data can be founde under: ➝ Data & Documents ➝ Other Documents

The data of course have been anonymized, so no identification of the participants is possible! The data also have been checked upon plausibility and and consistency (for example whether all twin pairs have the same age or not). 

The data of the further surveys will be conditioned in the upcoming years and they will be provided to reserach. Because of this, comprehensive analyses will be possible (for example of the developmental courses of the twins). 


For the application of the SUF please klick here!