Why is it so difficult for some people to perform well and to be successful at their job while others have difficulties living up to personal and social expectations? How do different careers develop and why is it that we choose different occupations and are not equally successful in life? The twin study TwinLife deals with these questions.

The following sections will give detailed information about the content and the implementation of the long-term project.

An overview over duration, direction and planning of the project TwinLife is presented in short description. In 2014 TwinLife will begin with the first wave of the data collection and within a period of twelve years detailed information on twins and their families will be gathered in order to analyze the development of social inequality.

In main focus you will find detailed information concerning the different topics that are of interest to TwinLife. The five major areas that the study focuses on will be explained and illustrated in this section.

The conceptual design of TwinLife will be explained and illustrated in conception & design. By combining an Extended Twin Family Design (ETFD) and a cross-sequential survey design, a data set is generated that can be used to answer a wide range of questions.