News from TwinLife

Our household survey is entering into their second round.

As of September 2015 we will once more conduct household surveys in families with twins.

As last year we will invite families to participate in our TwinLife study. Once they have signaled their agreement, each family will be contacted by an interviewer in order to arrange suitable dates for interviews in their homes. Not only the twins but also their parents and a sibling, if there is one, should take part in the survey. Depending on the number of interviewees, two visits might be needed.

In the first round of home interviews which started in autumn of 2014 and ended in spring of 2015 2,009 twin families have already been contacted and interviewed. These families will soon enter into the second part of the interviews which this time will be conducted as telephone interviews.


Start of TwinLife telephone interviews.

As of October 2015 the first telephone interviews of the TwinLife study will be conducted. The plan is to contact all participants older than 10 for the telephone survey.

These telephone interviews are the second survey of the twin families. Last year these families already took part in the household surveys. Same as last year the families will first receive a written invitation. Next they will be contacted by an interviewer from the survey institute TNS Infratest. With these first phone calls, the interview might immediately take place or a new interview date can be arranged. The intention is to interview via telephone all those persons in the household that have already taken part in the home interview and who are at least 10 years old.

Same as last year, a free hotline is again available during the survey phase for the participating families: 0800-6363878. Here you can contact the project managers at TNS Infratest with any questions you might have concerning the interview procedure. We also have compiled more information on the topic of twins and the background of the study for you on our website under the headings TWINS and STUDY.  If you have any further questions with regard to the content, please feel free to contact our project staff at the Universities of Bielefeld and Saarland University.



First data: The presentation of TwinLife at conferences.

We now have received the data from the first half of the household interviews. The first analyses and their presentations at national and international conferences are imminent.

The answers, that the 2009 families that are taking part in the survey have provided, enable us to come up with first evaluations. Naturally with such a huge amount of information analyses take time, still, we were able to come up with first results and insights already in September, at the 13th conference of the Fachgruppe Differentielle Psychologie, Persönlichkeitspsychologie und Psychologische Diagnostik (DPPD) in Mainz. In addition to the determination of zygosity of twins, the genetic and environmental (e.g. social) influences on personality and intelligence were also a topic of discussion, as were the connection between conscientiousness and health during the course of development.