2.5 Technical Report Series, Methodology Reports, and Working Paper Series

The TwinLife Technical Reports (ISSN: 2512-403X) are scientific contributions dealing with both technical aspects of data presentation (e.g., sampling design and data collection, data documentations, field reports, etc.) and methodological questions. The version number of a technical report consists of three digits separated by dots (e.g., v1.0.0). The first digit marks significant changes (major release), the second digit designates extensions and additions (minor release), and the 3rd digit contains only bug fixes (revision level).

The Methodology Reports (first-authored by the survey institutes) contain detailed information on the data collection and the instruments included in each survey wave and are part of the Technical Report Series.

The TwinLife Working Papers (ISSN 2512-4048) are refereed scholarly papers that provide a forum for presenting work in progress.

All Technical Reports (including the Methodology Reports) and Working Papers are available ➔ here.


Are you using the TwinLife data?

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